Your MacBook Struggling with Spreadsheets? You’ll Love Nums

When it comes to design, you would be hard pressed to criticize Apple. Everything the company makes is both beautiful and highly functional. But even Apple can’t cover every base. For instance, you cannot realistically squeeze a full number keypad into a MacBook. You can buy plug-in pads — but that means you need a spare USB port and a bigger bag. Alternatively, you could just use Nums

Nums is an ultra-thin number glass film that comes with an application powered by patented algorithms. It transforms your trackpad into a number pad, it launches your favorite apps and websites with just a swipe, and it protects your delicate laptop trackpad from scratches and other damage.

This thin piece of glass turns your trackpad into a dedicated number pad. It’s compatible with pre-2016 and current MacBook models and features the numbers 0-9 plus multiple symbols and an enter key.

Like all the best inventions, this glass plate keeps things simple. It doesn’t work with Bluetooth, and there is no battery to charge. But that’s fine, because this little accessory helps you input numbers, launch apps and protect your MacBook. To use Apple’s catch phrase, “It just works!”

To start punching in numbers, you simply place Nums over the touchpad of your MacBook. The magic is made possible by the special Nums software. This gives your MacBook numerical superpowers, so you can punch in numbers at will. The software also integrates with macOS.

The folks behind Nums say that you can more than double your number typing speed with this accessory. Furthermore, you will reduce your finger movement by 66%. You can pre-order the device at Kickstarter for $39. It is scheduled for shipping in September of 2017.

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